'OnWebG' is a social creative platform where you can share every creativity which need to be on 'web'. It could be in the form of blog/ article, an image, video, sound, presentation, DIY etc. You can also share your creative stuff with your friends on 'OnWebG' or any other platform.
Anyone can join ONWEBG using his/her email id, or via Facebook, Google account.
You can always make your stuff public or private according to your choice.
Your shared stuff is called Bite in ONWEBG. You can have three types of bite - Post, Talent, Blog.
Post Bite is generally any status, message you want to share.
You can share your talent/creative stuff here in image or via sharing your youtube/ Vimeo video here.
Blog Bite is the longer post with information, image, embed video in it.
You can simply update/ change your password by visiting setting section in your profile.
You can simply click on forgot password appearing in login area and URL will be shared with you in your email and you can change your password by clicking on the URL.

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